List 目錄

  1. Introduction 介紹
  2. Peak Hour Extra Service Fee Tracker 繁忙時段服務費監測表
  1. Base Fee Tracker 基本服務費監測表
  1. Open algorithms for fair labour! 沒有公開透明的服務費,何來公平的勞動?
  2. About Riders’ Rights Concern Group 關於外賣員權益關注組

Introduction 介紹

Between July and November 2021, the maximum decrease in the basic service fees of foodpanda Riders has reached $8 (HKD), and the service fees for Walkers have also dropped by $2-5. To fight for a fair pay and other rights, foodpanda riders staged a 2-days strike on 13th November, 2021. During the strike, more than 300 foodpanda riders protested outside the Pandamarts in different zones.


After two rounds of negotiation, foodpanda promised that the company will not cut the basic service fee until the end of June 2022. Also, foodpanda will provide pandaquest during lunchtime and dinnertime on weekdays.